Product Reviews

The supplement is safe and affordable. After taking it for a month, I have seen noticeable positive results for hair and nail growth - stronger and healthier hair & nails. However, like many others, I have experienced nausea and reflux after taking it.

This supplement is life-changing for those who are experiencing hot flashes and weight gain during menopause. Now, I love what I see in the mirror everyday! It is definitely worth every penny. Do note that they only ship to USA, Canada and Australia currently.

Truvani protein powders are 100% organic and plant-based, the ingredients are simple, and clean. However, in terms of pricing, you can definitely get something more affordable with the same nutritional value.

This probiotic supplement is packed with premium ingredients that is needed to melt menopausal belly, reduce bloating and cravings! I lost 12 lbs in just 2-3 months and reduce my mid-night cravings tremendously!

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